About Us

Youth Reboot is an online entertainment and education platform…

    It highlights the positive things being accomplished by youth globally and acts as a resource for troubled or vulnerable youth to get the  support they need. It is also an excellent resource for teachers to find content that is relevant and pertinent to the needs of their students and would assist in building a relationship with them.

    It has been said that “Rules without Relationship leads to Rebellion.” The gaps between the youth and adults today often stem from a lack of understanding of each other, it is our intention to use this platform to close that gap and bring understanding to both sides.

    We hope you enjoy this resource; the content produced have been field tested in the ‘Steven Edwards Productions’ award winning ‘Transformation Through Theatre and Technology’ program.

    Whether you are a young person or a youth worker using this resource, we trust that the content would make a significant impact on your life. We thank you for your support.


The Youth Reboot Team